I'm humbled by all your support. Thank you so much. - DJ Sav One


Peace, this is DJ Sav One... Thank you for stopping by the official Hip-Hop Nostalgia online store. The site is dedicated to a classic time in Hip-Hop Music: the 90s! Take a walk down memory lane with us, down some obscure back streets and - as reissues continue to grow popularity - have a refreshed look at some promotional items that were serviced behind the scenes to hype many of your favorite albums! We've also taken the time to carefully craft & curate some tribute items: cards, pins, posters, etc to pay homage to some greats, as well. 

This site is in its infant stages, so inventory may change as new items are added and old items sell out, but please check back regularly. If at any point you have any questions or concerns, shoot me an email at the Contact above or DM me on IG: @DJ_Sav_One. This site was created out of love for the music and a culture that helped raise me, but the real inspiration was the tragic death of my Mom this past March. I hustle in and for her memory, may she Rest in Peace.

Thanks for all the support! - Sav